bait delivery

Need live or frozen bait, or maybe ice, delivered to your boat?  Just call us and place your order with a credit or debit card. (Delivery offered within two miles of Barracuda Bob's only; i.e. Dunedin, Ozona, Palm Harbor and Crystal Beach marinas)


Since we often sell out of our most popular live baits (colossal, jumbo and large shrimp) early on busy days, if you are planning a fishing trip for later in the day you can call us to reserve your baits and we'll keep it separate for you.  Call us, order your baits and give us a credit or debit card to charge it to and your baits will be waiting when you arrive!

Rod & Reel Repair

We can handle pretty much anything from replacing a tip on the spot to totally refurbishing your rod or reel.  We can also spool your reels with various grades of monofilament and braided lines.  Bring your rigs on in and we'll get 'em done!


We offer a large selection of quality cast nets with radiuses of 3 to 12 feet and mesh sizes of 1/4-inch to 1-inch for netting glass minnows, white bait, green backs, mullet and all other bait fish of various sizes.  When you buy a net from us we'll teach you how to throw it like a pro free of charge before you leave here.

fishing lessons

We understand that beginners may find learning to fish the big saltwater a bit daunting.  Let us instruct you!  We'll show what tackle to buy, you how to rig your tackle several different ways, how to rig your baits and how to catch more fish!

Guided Shore fishing excursions

We'll take you out and show you some of the hot spots around here and how to fish them.  Get the jump on your friends!

Guided kayak fishing charters

Bring your kayak, or rent one of our fishing kayaks, and we'll take you out and show you where to catch the Big Ones!

bob's professional services

All of us at Barracuda Bob's take great pride in providing our customers the most excellent service to enhance their angling experience.  Simply put, we exist solely for your satisfaction and we will go to great lengths to ensure that you are thoroughly pleased with the products and services that you purchase at Barracuda Bob's. Besides the products and services menu listed on our "OUR STORY" page, we also provide the following professional angling services: