Since much of his plundered treasure is buried in the sands of Caladesi Island (X marks the spot), like any good pirate he wanted to keep a close eye on it, so Capt. Joe decided that the pastoral reaches of the Dunedin Causeway was the perfect place to settle down and set up the best little bait, tackle and surf shop in Florida.  

why do business with bob's ?

Simply because we're the best in the business!

About Barracuda Bob's

Bob's rules for a happy bait & surf shop:

1.  Open and close on time every day

2.  Help our customers catch more fish 

3.  If it's dirty; clean it

4.  If it's broke; fix it

5.  If it ain't broke; improve it

our business is your pleasure!

After a long, profitable and highly questionable career as a pirate captain, privateer, bootlegger and smuggler, Captain Joe decided it was time to retire from the game while he was still one step ahead of the law and young enough to enjoy his new life of leisure.

Bob's crew  is always on the lookout to catch our own fresh live baits

Every angler knows that the best baits catch the best fish, and in our new state of the art bait room we maintain separate bait tanks and water filtration systems for our live shrimp and bait fish to make sure our baits stay healthy and happy.  We manage these systems like high end marine aquariums and constantly monitor and adjust environmental factors like salinity, water chemistry and temperature to ensure our baits stay as lively and frisky as possible.

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Since April 2010, Capt. Joe and crew have worked their butts off to make sure our customers have everything they need for a pleasurable and productive day on the water; whether you're fishing, paddling, boating or just playing and relaxing on the beach.  

We pride ourselves on providing the most excellent products, service and advice!  We understand that our customers are out to have fun and we do everything in our power to make sure your every visit to Barracuda Bob's is a happy and enjoyable one.

We also operate our own commercial fishing boat to keep our bait tanks full of live pinfish, grunts and other bait fish.  Our crew is constantly on the lookout for finger mullet, white bait, greenbacks, shad, etc., and we're quick to net as many of these as we can find to satisfy our customers' needs for frisky live baits.

we're serious about fishing, water sports and fun !

Barracuda Bob's is operated by water sports enthusiasts for water sports enthusiasts 

We know what it takes to keep our customers happy and we go to extraordinary lengths to make sure that we always have the best live baits around.  We pride ourselves in always having plenty of live shrimp on hand, and when they are hard to come by, as is often the case in summer months, we'll send our trucks all the way to Crystal River or Ft. Myers to get them.  "We always have big, frisky live shrimp!"

We really enjoy what we do, and our entire crew welcomes you to this site and to Barracuda Bob's, our own little slice of paradise. 

We are happy to assist you with anything you need to realize your piscatorial passions, explore our local waterways, catch more fish and have more fun.  Whatever it is that draws you to the water and beaches, we want to enhance it and make it more enjoyable!

Please don't hesitate to call, write or just stop in and see us any time.

  • The biggest, friskiest and most plentiful live baits around!
  • Live shrimp, pinfish, chubs, finger mullet and whitebait
  • Wide variety of frozen baits and chums
  • ​Bait reservations: Call us early to reserve yours for later
  • Best artificial baits for inshore and offshore action
  • Great selection and deals on saltwater rods and reels
  • Cast nets, crab traps, coolers and fishing accessories
  • Ice, beverages, snacks, sunscreen & polarized sunglasses
  • Professional rod and reel repair; let us spool your reels
  • Saltwater rod and reel rentals
  • Expert fishing advice, rigging assistance and lessons
  • Guided shore and kayak fishing excursions
  • Onshore and offshore fishing charters
  • If we don't have it we'll order it for you and discount it
  • Everything you need for a fabulous day on the water!